About Us

Welcome to the Arctic Children and Youth Foundation

We are a Charitable Foundation under the Income Tax Act of Canada.

Our primary objective is to champion activities that will improve lives and provide greater opportunities for the Children and Youth throughout Arctic Canada.

I encourage you to take some time to browse through our web-site, visit our facebook page which we are developing as a primary vehicle for engaging with the youth to better identify and understand their realities.

Additionally, you may find opportunities to partner with us in reaching our goals or developing new initiatives. Through our members and Directors, ACYF provides informed advice for effective engagement of northern interests at all levels of national and international child policy development and implementation. Through research data, ACYF can assist in identifying gaps and priority areas. Through partnership, ACYF can develop, initiate and manage programs appropriate to our dynamic culture and geography.

And finally, through this web-site, donations are accepted and partnerships can be developed to help build a stronger future for our Arctic children and youth, and for a stronger Canada.


The Arctic Children and Youth Foundation will target the following objectives:

  • the Foundation will work with governments and other child-serving agencies to ensure that national or international initiatives are adapted to the conditions and culture of the North to endure their effective implementation and encourage positive outcomes;
  • the Foundation will actively work to reduce and eliminate the factors of hopelessness, isolation and poverty that lead to self-destructive behaviors such as substance abuse and suicide. It will adapt “best practice” prevention programs for Arctic peoples;
  • the Foundation will partner with appropriate organizations to design and implement culturally-appropriate workshops on conflict resolution. These will assist Arctic children and youth to acquire the necessary skills of mediation, dialogue and negotiation to enable them to articulate their positions, enhance their leadership skills, resolve conflict peacefully and encourage harmony among peers, families and communities. This initiative also aims to reduce levels of violence and incarceration among Arctic youth;
  • the Foundation will adapt and implement “best practice” programs in literacy and numeracy education with the objective of achieving standards of competence in these fundamental skills at least equal to those of southern Canada;
  • the Foundation will enhance technological interest and capacity through the development of Arctic-based web sites targeted specifically to the interests, culture and information needs of Arctic children and youth. It will also strive to ensure Arctic access to internet technology at levels comparable with other regions of Canada;
  • the Foundation will help to ensure that the interests of Arctic children and youth are represented at all levels of national and international child and youth policy development and will work to identify and prepare youth representatives who are interested and capable of assuming representational roles at youth events;
  • the Foundation will support sound decision-making through the development of school curricula, student-based research programs such as GLOBE, the new POPs (Persistent Organic Pollutants) and web sites that engage children and youth in environmental issues of immediate priority to the Arctic. These will include climate change, persistent organic pollutants and the preservation of biological diversity, as well as others of direct relevance to their health and culture and the sustainable development of their economy;
  • the Foundation will work with appropriate partners to facilitate research, gather data and provide information on the health, economic and living conditions of Arctic children and youth for use by academics, northern communities and organizations, governments and other national and international agencies;
  • given the unparalleled high levels of Arctic youth and families, and to some extent children, who smoke and the lifelong health and economic impacts of this addiction, the Foundation will work with schools and communities to adapt “best practices” in social marketing and prevention to the Arctic culture and context with the objective of reducing smoking addiction among Arctic children and youth to levels at least comparable with the national average

Recognizing the responsibilities and jurisdiction of territorial and aboriginal governments in the North in relation to children and youth the Foundation will:

  • Work with northern governments and agencies to assist and appropriate, in co-ordination of programs relating to children and youth;
  • Work with local, regional and territorial authorities to identify and create opportunities for children and youth, particularly opportunities at a national or international level;
  • Act as a focal point for local, regional and territorial authorities who are seeking access to information on national and international programs for children and youth;
  • Assist or facilitate, as appropriate, Arctic communities in their liaison with national and international organizations offering programs for children and youth.