Better Drummer Boy

The Arctic Children and Youth Foundation (ACYF) and New Brunswick Lung Association(NBLA) worked in partnership to deliver tools to Arctic Children and Youth.  This partnership was gained by way of a recent study undertaken by the Asthma Society of Canada entitled “A Shared Vision” identified the development of culturally appropriate educational materials and resources as one of the integral factors in improving access to asthma/allergy-related health services. Adaptations that that consider age, learning styles, preferred content, language, and First Nations and Inuit culture and context may serve to increase the uptake and usability of the materials.

During 2010/2011 ACYF and NBLA started the first phase of this project which consisted of consultations in Nunavut’s Capital of Iqaluit.  During consultations we were able to compile information to assist with the production of a  Booklet “Better Drummer Boy”.  This tool is a booklet for children ages 4-8 which provides information on Asthma, along with a tool item to assist children and families when help from a health care provider is needed.

ACYF and NBLA worked in partnership again during 2011/2012 on the dessemination of this booklet into Nunavut communities.  The Booklet has been translated into 3 languages (Inuktitut, Innunuqtun, and French).

The ACYF and NBLA worked with government and non-government agencies  to assist with the dessemination of this booklet into communities across Nunavut.  In addition we have agreed to share this booklet with the Asthma Society of Canada in a pilot project of providing tool kits to Inuit, First Nations, and Metis communities in Canada.

For further information on this booklet or if you wish to receive a hard copy please contact the Arctic Children and Youth Foundation.

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