BLOG: My top ten retro games – Goo Ikkidluak

#5 super Mario bros.


Fusajiro Yamauchi the creator of Nintendo who made the first ever Nintendo game and it was called super Mario bros, the reason I put Mario up here was because every one know or heard of him, he was a fan favourite of mine but I think some people might disagree.

# 4 Sonic the hedgehog


now sonic is one who is a well-known person with sega but I don’t really know him that much I know that he’s a fast hedgehog and he says you’re too slow at sometime but that’s really all I know

#3 Pokemon


Pokemon is a game where you try to catch all the 151 pokemon but people usually catch the strongest out of all of them most people choose charmander as there starter, but squirtle was my fan favorite and who can resist a turtle who has cannons on his back.

#2 the legend of Zelda


The legend of Zelda was a simple game that required really nothing and the sundial on the earth temple which most if not everyone thinks it was a swastika but think again

#1 Duck Hunt


Duck hunt was a game which you basically hunt a duck, but I needed a toy gun for you to shoot it with and if you get to level 100 the game thinks that no one can get to there and the game makes that duck move at an extreme speed


These are my top 5 choices of the most retro video games in history


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