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New pool expected to open end of 2016!  Who’s excited for the pool? I know I am!

I think that the new pool is going to be awesome because I love to swim, I have been swimming for a while I did swimming lessons in Ottawa for 2 years but started off in level 4 and I also did swimming lessons at a lake for a summer.

My most exciting swimming activity I took part in was synchronized swimming! I did this in Ottawa before moving to Iqaluit; at the end of the season we did a water show were everyone presented a routine that we worked on through out the year.



It was lots of fun so I’m hoping I can get back to doing those things!


Things to do    

There should be lots of things to do, like swimming lessons, swim team, you can have parties there and after your extra curricular activities you can go for a swim to cool down!


5 reasons to love swimming

  1. Good exercise: swimming exercises your body
  2. Keeps you cooled down: swimming will cool you down on hot days.
  3. It’s fun: swimming can be fun especially when there’s a waterslide!
  4. Good for you: swimming is really good for you because it improves your health.
  5. Good practice: if you do a lot of swimming you could make the Olympics if you’re good enough or on a swim team.



In my video below I’m interviewing my friend and I ask her some questions about the new pool here in Iqaluit



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