BLOG: SUPER SOCCER: why I love it and how you can do it too! -Naja


I started playing soccer when I was 7 years old. I went to super soccer for the first time April 2015.

5 Things I like about super soccer

  1. It’s a good experience .
  2. You get to travel.
  3. You get to learn how to be a team.
  4. You learn new stuff.
  5. You meet new people


5 Ways to get to Super Soccer

  1. Attend every practice:

(We did scrimmages, we practiced games and the coaches would critique us on our game to help make us better soccer players)

  1. U have to be a team player:

(We gave each other  advise when we needed help)

  1. Do all your school work

(Finish your homework!)

  1. Help the team fundraise

(Bagging at north mart, bake sales, car wash, raffle tickets, one minute penalty kick)

  1. Go to every meeting

(We talked about going to Yellowknife)

Most important – HAVE FUN!!!!
My interview with a former Super Soccer Player:


Do u like soccer?

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