Are Social Issues In Arctic Canada More Serious Than We Realize Or Are Ready to Admit To?

Myself, our staff and Board find the results of a report, Victims of Sexual Exploitation and Human Trafficking in Nunavut, most disturbing. This report, that really appears to only touch the surface of a wider and even more disturbing sexual exploitation of Inuit in Canada, both in the north and South, particularly children.

This report should not be another- one day flash in the pan story in the northern daily news cycles. It should and must serve as a call to action by individuals, organizations and governments at all levels.

To Its credit, Pauktuutit, the national woman’s organization, was a part of the reveling report and is to be congratulated for its work thus far on this most troubling issue.

This report, which is an initial survey, was completed by Helen Roos and consolidates input from over 25 organizational partners, 32 youth and adult victims of sexual exploitation. This report was completed through a project contribution between Roos-Remillard Consulting Services and the Federal Department of Justice, Victim’s Fund.

Most alarming it states that human trafficking is now a reality in the Canadian Arctic and Nunavut specifically. “Inuit represent one of the most vulnerable populations in Canada due to systemic conditions of poverty in remote, isolated communities and urban centers where Inuit live.” And moreover, “the predator or trafficker moniker, particularly in small communities, has been a parent, spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend, friend or employer who exploits a youth or adult, either for forced labour, forced sex or both.”

Please click here for the full article and to download the PDF!


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